Welcome to Trusted Computing Institute, CSU

    The Trusted Computing Institute of Central South University (TCI of CSU) focuses on research and development (R&D) including cloud computing, mobile computing, trustworthy/dependable computing, cyberspace security, recommendation systems, mobile healthcare systems, and software engineering. Currently, it has 3 professors, 3 associate professors, 3 lecturers, and dozens of postdoctoral researchers/visiting researchers, Ph.D. students and master students.

    In recent years, the Institute has undertaken more than 30 R&D projects, supported by International S&T Cooperation Program of China, National High-Tech Research and Development Plan of China (863 Program), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) including Key Project, "MianShang" projects and Youth Projects, The Ministry of Education Fund for Doctoral Disciplines in Higher Education, Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China, Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Program, and Changsha Science and Technology Program. The Institute has also undertaken some software development projects supported by enterprises and government agencies.

    The Institute has built strong relations for international academic exchanges and cooperation with many top universities, including Texas A&M University, USA; Temple University, USA; Fordham University, USA; University of Tsukuba, Japan; University of Aizu, Japan; St. Francis Xavier University, Canada; Deakin University, Australia; University of Exeter, UK; University of Essex, UK; Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and City University of Hong Kong.