Personal Information

Qi ()       Fang (芳)

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Associate Professor (副教授)

Vice Director of Trusted Computing Institute(可信计算研究所副所长)


Ph.D. in Central South University , P. R. China , Sep 2003-May 2007


Selected Projects

The National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 61103035 , SSL Migration Protocol and Optimization Strategies in Secure Web Service, January 2012-December 2014.(主持国家自然科学基金面上项目一项,经费23万元)

China Postdoctoral Science Foundation under Grant No. 1752, January 2012-December 2014 主持中国博士后科学基金项目,经费5万元

The Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 09JJ4031, Designing QoS-Aware SSL Protocol and its Optimization, January 2009-December 2010. (No.1)(主持湖南省自然科学基金)

The Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Program (General Program) under Grant No. 2010GK3005, Developing QoS-aware Secure Web Services, April 2010-June 2011. (No.1)(主持湖南省科技计划,经费5万元)

The Changsha Science and Technology Program under Grant No. K1003062-11, Research and Development of QoS-aware Secure Web Services, March 2010-December 2011. (No.1)(主持长沙市科技计划,经费5万元)


The Postdoctoral Science Foundation of Central South University (The first class) ,Sep 2010- Sep 2012 (No.1) 中南大学博士后基金一等资助5万元

The National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 61073037, Research on Secure Sharing of Cloud Computing Services, January 2011-December 2013. (No.2) 第二申请人参与国家自然科学基金

The Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Program (Key Program) under Grant No. 2010GK2003, Secure Cloud Computing, January 2011-December 2013. (No.2)第二申请人参与湖南省重点科技项目

The National Natural Science Foundation of China for Major Research Plan under Grant No. 90718034, Fusion-Based Trust Model and Trust Propagation Mechanism for Trusted Network Computing, January 2008-December 2010. (No.3) 主要参与人参与国家自然科学基金

The National High-Tech Research and Development Plan of China (863 Plan) under Grant No. 2006AA01Z202, Designing Survivable Routing Protocol in Self-Organizing Networks Based on Hole-Shadowing and Segment-by-Segment Routing Strategies, December 2006-December 2008. (No.5)

Main Working Experiences:

¨ 07/2003~

Lecturer and Associate Professor, Vice Director of Trusted Computing Institute

Lecturer of the course: Computer Networks

Venue: School of Information Science& Engineering, Central South University, P.R.China

¨ 04/2005~04/2006

Research Assistant

Venue: Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A-star), Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore

Areas of Interests

¨ Networking & Reliable Communication Protocol

¨ Network and Information Security

Academic affairs

Reviewer for some international journals including IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, The Journal of Supercomputing (Springer), Security and Communication Networks (Wiley).

Publication Co-Chairs of TrustCom2011, Session Chair, program committee member for some international conferences and workshops such as ICPADS, IWCMC, EUC, ISPA, ICYCS, ATC, TrustCom, TSP, and ISSR.

The Academic Committee secretary of the CCF YOCSEF (China Computer Federation Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum) of the China Computer Federation.


Fluent English in both oral and writing

Proficient in Java, Familiar with C,C++

Understanding of Networking technology such as 3G, CDMA, Network of Things etc

Familiar with communication Theory, TCP/IP protocol model, wireless communicate protocol such as 802.11 and 802.16,Routing Algorithms, Network Layer in the Internet

Familiar with Network Security Protocol

Selected Publication (SCI检索6篇)

Fang Qi, Zhe Tang, Guojun Wang, and Jie Wu, "User Requirements-aware Security Ranking in SSL Protocol," Journal of Supercomputing (Elsevier), Published online 13 January 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s11227-010-0546-4. (SCI&EI index)

Fang Qi, Zhe Tang, Guojun Wang, and Jie Wu, “SSL-Enabled Trusted Communication: Spoofing and Protecting the Non-Cautious Users,” Security and Communication Networks (Wiley), Vol4, No.4, pp. 372-383. (SCI&EI index)

Fang Qi, Feng Bao, Tieyan Li, Weijia Jia, and Yongdong Wu, “Preventing Web-Spoofing with Automatic Detecting Security Indicator,” Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Berlin, Germany: Spring-Verlag, Vol 3903, pp.112~120, 2006. (SCI&EI index)

Fang Qi, Weijia Jia, Feng Bao, and Yongdong Wu, “Batching SSL/TLS Handshake Improved,” Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Berlin, Germany: Spring-Verlag, Vol. 3783, pp. 402-410, 2005.(SCI&EI index)

Fang Qi, Jin Zheng, Weijia Jia, and Guojun Wang, “Available Bandwidth Measurement Schemes over Networks,” Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Berlin, Germany: Spring-Verlag, Vol. 3619, pp. 931-939, 2005.(SCI&EI index)

Fang Qi, Zhe Tang, Guojun Wang, and Jie Wu, “QoS-aware Optimization Strategy for Security Ranking in SSL Protocol,” Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Symposium on Trust, Security and Privacy for Pervasive Applications (TSP 2009), in conjunction with IEEE MASS-09, pp. 842-847, Macau SAR, P.R. China, October 2009.(EI&ISTP index)

Fang Qi, Zhe Tang, and Guojun Wang, “Attacks vs. Countermeasures of SSL Protected Trust Model,” Proceedings of the 2008 International Symposium on Trusted Computing (TrustCom 2008). (EI&ISTP index)

Fang Qi, Weijia Jia, Feng Bao, Yongdong Wu: Parameter optimization-based batching TLS protocol .Journal of Software:2007,18(6):1522-1530.(EI index)

Fang Qi, Weijia Jia, and Jie Wu, “Available Bandwidth Detection with Improved Transport Control Algorithm for Heterogeneous Networks,” Proceedings of 25th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops, Columbus, OH, USA:IEEE Computer Society Press, pp.656-659,2005.EI&ISTP index

Fang Qi, Weijia Jia, Guojun Wang. “Client Balanced Secret Exchange Algorithm in SSL Handshake Protocol. Computer Engineering and Application”, 2007, (In Chinese)

Qi fang, Wang guojun Chen Songqiao , “Design and Analysis of highly scalable and strongly fault tolerant multicast routing algorithms on hypercube networks”, Computer Science, 2002,29(10):26-29(In Chinese)

Qi fang, Chen Songqiao. “Research and Development of Simulation Platform on Hypercube Networks”, Computer Engineering and Application 2002,38(10):112-114 (In Chinese)

Wang Guojun, Cheng Songqiao, Chen Jianer, Qi Fang. “Parallel fault tolerant routing algorithms in hypercube networks”, 2002,4(33):424-427EI index

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Zhe Tang, Meng Joo Er, and Fang Qi, Dynamic fuzzy neural network for the intelligent control of a humanoid robot, the International Journal of Computer Systems Science & Engineering, Vol 26 No 3 May 2011.( SCI&EI index)