TSP-10 Keynote Speech


Professor Weijia Jia, Ph.D


Professor of Department of Computer Science Director of Future Networking Centre (FNC) City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong



Title: Cross-Network Security for Interactive Multimedia Applications



Cross platform/network services (CPS) are a new breed of enterprise services that have spawned from the Internet to also include metropolitan 3G, WiFi, and WiMAX networks today. While the security of each separate network has been well addressed, the issue of end to end security of such cross platform networks is largely unexplored. There are fundamentally two core reasons as to why it is significant to study this issue. Firstly, information between entities in separate networks has to undergo a translation when they cross over from one network to another. Such translation today is not security-aware, and it can be seriously taken advantage of by attackers. Secondly, when there is chain of communication traversing across multiple networks, it is very easy for attackers to attack the weakest link in the chain, and hence cause significant damages to otherwise well protected networks in the chain. In this talk, I will comprehensively introduce our project to deal with the security of cross platform networks. Our objectives are to highlight the core vulnerabilities of cross platform networks, and to securely defend them against attacks that can exploit such vulnerabilities. Towards this extent, our project will focus on securing the following cross networks: Internt-3G networks, Internet-WiFi networks, Internet-WiMAX networks, and Internet-3G-WiFi-WiMAX networks. We have designed and implemented the secure measurements to protect the representative applications (e.g., Voice/ Video conferencing; Messaging services like email, instant messaging; Remote working; Web services etc.) and against the attacks (e.g., Denial of Service, Information stealing and Malicious code injection etc.) for the above applications.