Recommended Tours Reference



1. Highly Recommended Tour: Mini Two-Day Tour in Zhangjiajie with English Tour Guide and Four-Star Hotel

  • As an option, you can also pay the tour reservation fee by bank transfer. The bank accounts are the same for paying the registration fees before. Please check "Registration" page at the conference website for detail.

  • For more information about the highly recommended tours, please download [English][中文版].

2. Tour1: One-day tour of Changsha [English Version] [中文版]

3. Tour2: One-day tour of Shaoshan Mountain and Dripping Cave [English Version] [中文版]

4. Tour3: Mini two-day tour of Zhangjiajie [English Version] [中文版]

5. For the mini two-day tour in Zhangjiajie, special arrangement with the tour guide who can speak English and with the four-star hotel accommodation will be available for departure datetime on either 19:30 November 17 or 19:30 November 18. The tour fee will be higher than usual, which depends on the total number of people who will join the tour. If you want to join such a tour, please show this information in the "Remark" textbox.

6. Please do the tour reservation as soon as possible by filling the Hotel & Tour Reservation Form [English Version] [中文版]

7. Please send your reservation form to Dr. Jin Zheng ( ). Once you get a confirmation email from Dr. Jin Zheng, then your reservation is complete. If you do not get a confirmation in 3 days, please resend your reservation form.

8. For more travel information, please check sightseeing in Changsha and nearby cities: [English Version] [中文版]